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on an academic track. >> i belong to a congregation that traditionally have been educators. there was a time when we were teaching grade school, high school, a few people in college. but i, as it were came of age right at the end of vatican two and one of the things that we realized was we needed sisters prepared theologically to think about our own life as well as to teach. so i was sent to study theology. and as we say the rest of history. i've been doing it ever since. but all of us are educated, if you want to put it in term of of academics for whatever we want to do. we're not all teachers in the sense of being in the classroom somewhere. although a fair number of us are. so we're all engaged in preaching the gospel, most of us through some form of helping other people to come to understand the faith and practices and live it better. so it might bun usual that i'm teaching at the graduate level in theology. but the teaching part of it the academic part of it is not. >> it's been there. how many sisters if your order. >> about 400. how many nuns are there in the united states? >> that's very
having you here. and you are an educator, you taught for a number of years, doctorate in english literature. but you always found -- you had a home, you said -- and a parish where you said mass. >> oh, yes. >> so you never let yourself get away from being a parish priest. do you feel that same way today? >> i do very much. i think -- well, it's interesting, even the theologians call being a bishop the fullness of the priesthood. it's the same priesthood that the priests exercise, the same sacraments that the deacons receive, we all cooperate in different ways and in different dimensions to the life of the church. so it isn't just being out there alone performing. it's being together in shepherding and caring for the people. >> we have just a little bit of time for you to tell us what's in the future for you. >> retirement. >> or that time when you get away from the administration as we say. >> after the new archbishop is installed, i will move into the -- what's called the archbishop's house on the grounds of the st. patrick's seminary in menlo park. i love seminary life, young
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2